Mint-Green Painted Small & Low Table

This elegantly cute, small, low and Mint-Green table; is entirely hand-painted by deft craftsmen in the Antique city of Marrakesh; according to the Traditional Art called, ZOUAK. This model can also serve as a bedside table.

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This very original and colored small and low table, is an elegant side table that will certainly allow your interior decoration; a one of a kind touch of infinite conviviality!

Painting on wood in Morocco is popularly called Zouak, and is very represented in the Moroccan Architectural Craftsmanship. Thanks to its endless dexterity and sense of creativity, the painter (Zawwaqua) represents traditional floral or geometrical motives.


Cedar wood, acrylic paint and protective varnish.


Diameter: 30 Cms.

Height: 28 Cms.

Weight: 2,170 Kg.

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