Mhakka - An Effective Exfoliating Disk

This effective exfoliating item is called "Mhakka" and it is made by deft craftsmen of Ochre Clay. It is round shaped and it presents relief geometrical lacerations for its base, for a smooth exfoliation and an ornamental finishing.

Such a real invitation to journey!

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Such a thoughtful disk for exfoliation in ochre clay of round shaped base, is sculptured by slightly relief geometrical motives; with an ergonomic handling.

Made by skilled craftsmen in Morocco.

Advice for Use

You can use it in the Hammams (Baths), under the shower, or after a hot foot-bath. The hot water allows to soften the skin and facilitates the exfoliation a lot smoothly.

Soap the Mhakka with some soft soap then massage slowly the foot sole, hands, elbows and knees.

Repeat several times the same movement through circular frictions towards the same direction.

Every Mhakka is the fruit of a craft work, the slight imperfections would certainly testify for their authenticity.

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